Rainy Beach Days


We know the feeling.  You check the forecast a week before your beach vacation and see nothing but rain and clouds.  You panic, automatically thinking your vacation is ruined.  When we first purchased our summer home in Brigantine, we really weren’t sure how to spend those rainy beach days.  It didn’t take us long to realize there were plenty of things to do both on and off the island and soon those rainy days became some of our favorite’s down the shore.  As a disclaimer, those rainy days forecasted, often turn out to be beautiful beach days! After four years on the island, we’ve learned it’s hard to predict the weather.  Don’t be discouraged!

First, it’s important to realize your beach vacation is the perfect opportunity to truly connect with family and friends who are joining you on your trip.  Loosening the grip on cell phones and easing up day-to-day responsibilities and just ‘letting go’.  With that in mind, here are a few of our favorite rainy day activities!

  1. Brunch
    • This is a typical Sunday activity, but on rainy days it’s usually a must.  Whether it’s at the house or at a restaurant, it just feels so cozy to have a brunch.  If you decided to head out, Yianni’s is our suggestion! They have covered dining outside or the option of takeout!
  2. Explore the Island
    • First stop? A visit to the North end Bird Watching Tower
      • This two level structure will provide sweeping views of the entire island and Long Beach island.  Arguably the most peaceful spot in Brigantine.
    • Next, head over to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center near the lighthouse.  The Marine Mammal Stranding Center serves all of Atlantic County and aids in rescuing marine mammal life.  You’ll be able to get a tour of the center plus spend time in the adorable gift shop!
    • Near the Marine Mammal Stranding Center is the Brigantine Museum.  Take a self-guided tour through the museum to learn about history of the island.
  3. Mini Golf
    • If the rain is holding off but it’s simply cloudy and damp, head across the street from the condo for some mini golf!  We love to follow up a round with some ice cream from Aunt B’s! (Loser buys ice cream!)
  4. Take a drive to Ocean City
    • One of our favorite things to do on a rainy day is take the scenic route to Ocean City.  Instead of taking the Expressway to Parkway directions, stay along the shore-line through Atlantic City until you arrive in Ocean City.  So many sites to see and the view from the bridge to Ocean City is amazing.  Once in Ocean City, cruise the board walk and grab some food at the famous Manco and Manco’s pizzeria.
  5. Visit Lucy
    • While we can’t guarantee when Lucy the Elephant of Margate will open, visiting her is still exciting! Lucy is a giant Elephant that sits directly on the beach in Margate.  This is a perfect spot for photos!
  6. Watch movies
    • One of our favorite things to do is grab some snacks from Casale al Mare (across from CVS) and some items to make an authentic Italian dinner and spend the day watching movies and relaxing!  Throw in a few board game breaks and you are set!
  7. Shop!
    • Atlantic City is filled with shops; particularly outlet shops.  These will most likely be open during your stay.  Rainy days are the perfect opportunity for shopping!

The most important thing to remember is, regardless of the weather, this is your time to let go and connect with family and loved ones.

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