Introducing Our Team

By now, you probably know our story. As kids, Brian and I grew up at the shore and even our parents and grandparents spent their summers at the shore (more on that in another post!). The Jersey shore is in our blood. It’s our happy place where we venture back to the “good ‘ol days”;Continue reading “Introducing Our Team”

What to expect when staying at Coastal Haven

You’ve planned, prepared, counted down, and now are just a few weeks away from your stay! How do you check in? What can you expect when you arrive? What events regularly occur on the island? What amenities do we offer? This post will give you all the details!

Booming Brigantine

Don’t worry, Brigantine is still the same ‘sleepy shore town’ we’ve all come to know and love; but this year especially, we warmly welcoming some new small businesses!

Covid-19 Part III

What an ever-changing situation! We have a few updates to share since our last post.  We hope to compile all information you may need within our blog post since this situation constantly evolves.

Shore Vacations During Covid-19 (Part II)

Well perhaps Covid-19 has helped with one thing…no shortage of blog content! Things seem to change daily, but on the plus side businesses are slowly opening up. Since we’ve last updated, we’ve received notification from the Governor of the following: Most import thing first, the short term rental ban is lifted so if you areContinue reading “Shore Vacations During Covid-19 (Part II)”

Find your beach

Most Jersey Shore towns seem to have one long stretch beach with a similar vibe regardless of which street your park your chair.  Brigantine is unique. With its wide variety of beaches that are not only great for splashing in the ocean and lounging in the sun, each beach has its own distinctive features thatContinue reading “Find your beach”

Easy packing—less is more

It’s a summer tradition in Jersey. Each year, around February or early March when the cold weather has reached an unbearable peek, families up and down the state search out their ‘home away from home’ along the white sandy beaches of the Jersey coast. Whether looking for a two bedroom condo or a grand sixContinue reading “Easy packing—less is more”